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Discovery Place: Ranked a top 10 in the U.S. by National Geographic.

Hours Today: 10 am – 4:30 pm.

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Sensory-Friendly Hours

August 6 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Free Military Appreciation Weekend

August 31 - September 2

News and Events

Sensory-Friendly Hours

August 6 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Looking for fun things to do in Rockingham?

You found the place for field trips, birthday parties and everyday exploration!

Ignite curiosity daily at Discovery Place Kids in Rockingham, NC

A nurturing environment for children and families.

Discover why countless families choose us as their go-to place for fun-filled, interactive experiences that encourage curiosity, creativity and a lifelong love of learning. With our carefully curated exhibits and engaging programs, we provide a stimulating environment that fosters growth and development in young children.

Have a Birthday Party Blast and enjoy a whole Museum of fun at Discovery Place Kids in Rockingham, NC

Unforgettable birthdays, unbeatable value!

Get ready to make your child’s birthday party an extraordinary adventure with a whole Museum of fun! Our Children’s Museum offers an unparalleled birthday celebration experience that combines non-stop excitement with invaluable learning opportunities.

Birthday Blocks
Inspire students and learn about field trips at Discovery Place Kids in Rockingham, NC

Active learning through the magic of play.

Step into a realm where education comes alive, igniting a passion for learning in the hearts and minds of your students. Our Museum’s curriculum-based field trips and classes, led by our dedicated educators, offer an immersive experience that transforms traditional lessons into unforgettable adventures.

New Research Stations

Experience all-new research stations – exploration awaits!

New exhibition at DPKR called the Nature Pod

Level 2 | Nature Research Station

Play meets learning in our new Nature Research Station, from building a “bug” to learning about camouflage. It’s not just about hiding—it’s about becoming one with nature!

An Out-of-This-World Adventure

Embark on a celestial journey with our Astronomy Research Station! Here, young astronomers will discover the Solar System and learn how satellites work!

It’s more than just learning – it’s a hands-on experience that will ignite a passion for space in every young explorer.

Astronomy Pod

Level 2 | Astronomy Research Station

Level 1 | Underground Research Station

Unearth the Excitement of Discovery

Get ready for an underground adventure that’s both educational and exciting for young explorers.

Here, you can uncover the secrets of what lies beneath the ground. There’s so much to discover!

Set Imagination to Overdrive!

Ready, set, go! Rev up those engines and get ready for high-speed fun!

  • Join the ranks of brave firefighters – hop aboard a real firetruck and race to the rescue!

  • Check into the vet’s office and review x-rays, make observations of plush animals, help diagnose puppy problems and mend boo-boos, all while wearing a crisp lab coat and using a stethoscope.

  • From harvesting crops to delivering fresh produce to Peaches Café, there’s never a dull moment on the farm.
  • Take a front-row seat — or step out into the spotlight — at Sandhills Stage for puppet shows, dance parties and more!

Level 2 | Rockingham City Center

Level 1 | Science Lab

Live Science Shows

Watch your budding scientists predict, observe and experiment with fascinating topics during our engaging Science Show!

From the magic of color-mixing to the excitement of chemical reactions, children will be captivated by the wonders of science. This interactive experience is designed to nurture their natural curiosity and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Welcome to Rockingham Quarry

With realistic uniforms, hard hats and hands-on experiences, this exhibit will ignite curiosity about one of our city’s notable industries!

Level 1 | Rockingham Quarry